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Tired of Your Old Tires?

Tips for Repurposing or Recycling

Can you recycle tires?

How did the winter treat your tires? Between heavy salt and deep potholes, the treads and overall condition may be beyond repair. So what do you do? While many old tires are often discarded, there are more sustainable solutions. Here are some innovative ways of repurposing old tires.

Repurposing Old Tires

Instead of adding to the already massive amounts of waste in our landfills, consider giving old tires a new lease on life. With a little creativity, you can turn trash into a practical home or garden project.

  1. Planter. Cut the tire in half or into smaller sections, fill with soil, and plant flowers, herbs, or vegetables. The durable rubber material is weather-resistant, making it perfect for an outdoor patio or deck.
  2. Swing. Hang a tire from a sturdy tree branch using strong rope or chains for a fun activity. Caution: may cause nostalgia.
  3. Furniture. Stack tires to create a sturdy, eco-friendly outdoor table or ottoman. Add color to transform tires into stylish and functional furniture.
  4. Playground. Lay tires on their sides to create tunnels, steps, or climbing structures.
  5. Garden Edging. Cut tires into strips and place them around the perimeter of your garden to create a tidy and durable border that also helps keep grass and weeds at bay.
  6. Mulch. Shred old tires to create rubber mulch for your garden or landscaping. Rubber mulch is long-lasting, helps retain moisture, and prevents weed growth.
  7. Roofing. Cut tires into strips and overlap them to create a durable and waterproof roof for a shed or outdoor structure. This innovative approach is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  8. Art. Get creative and use old tires as a blank canvas. With a little paint and creativity you can turn a tire into a durable sculpture, garden decor, or outdoor seating.

There are so many ways to repurpose your old tires to help keep them out of landfills. If you aren’t feeling very creative, there’s another solution as well.

Recycle Your Tires with JDog Junk Removal & Hauling

While some trash and recycling collections won’t touch your tires, JDog Junk Removal & Hauling can help. Call us at 844-GET-JDOG to come pick up your old tires and we will responsibly recycle them to keep them out of landfills. Next time you have old tires to dispose of, consider how you might give them new life with one of these sustainable solutions.