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4 Hidden Allergen Hot Spots

And How to Get Rid of Them

Spring cleaning can also lead to allergy sneezing. Whether you’re getting the yard ready for the season or deep cleaning inside, you could be kicking up dust and bringing in pollen. Learn where some of these allergy triggers could be collecting in your home. Then consider if you can clean them or if it’s worth getting rid of hidden allergens.

Hidden Allergen Hot Spots

Sometimes what’s making you sneeze is as clear as the coat of pollen across your car. Other times, you can’t see where dust and other allergens are hiding.  Here are some of the sneaky spots where dander, dust mites, and other triggers can build up.

  1. Mattress: No matter if you’ve spent all day indoors or out, you’ve come in contact with allergens. This dust, dander, and pollen can transfer to your bedding once you call it a night. This is why it’s important to shower before crawling into bed. While there are certain covers to help combat accumulation of allergens, you should also vacuum your mattress regularly to remove any residual build up. If your mattress is old and worn, it may be time to consider a new one.
  2. Linens: From bedding to curtains, fabric attracts airborne particles that can accumulate if not cleaned regularly. Check the tag to see how you can launder these items. It may also be time to refresh your linens and get rid of any tattered curtains and sheets.
  3. Carpet: Anytime you walk across your carpet, you can transfer dust, dander, and pollen as well. Vacuuming regularly helps remove some of these allergens, but if it’s worn out beyond the point of a deep clean, it may be time for an upgrade.
  4. Couch: Indoor and outdoor allergy aggravators can easily get trapped on your cushions, especially on outdoor furniture. Again, vacuuming helps, but overtime upholstery can become tired and worn.

While there’s a way to help clean these items, there’s only so much you can do. If the items won’t be able to stand up to another round of washing, you should consider if it’s time to let them go.

Getting Rid of Hidden Allergens

If you’re looking to lose the allergens without all the work, JDog Junk Removal & Hauling can help. Our Veterans and Military family members are ready to haul away old items that could be harboring a build up of allergens. From mattresses and couches to carpets and bedding, we take it all, and we look for ways to recycle what we can. Call 844-GET-JDOG for our transparent pricing and service options. Once you schedule a pick-up, sit back and enjoy the spring without the sneezing.