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Attic Cleanout Tips

How to make the cleaning process easier


The average attic is full of clutter from years of storing odds, ends, and other items that just don’t seem to belong anywhere in the rest of the house. If you’re downsizing, sick of losing things, or converting your attic, it might be time for a cleanout. Because you’re dealing with years of clutter, many people avoid this dreaded task. But don’t panic; fortunately, we have a few attic cleanout tips that can help you along the way. Read on to learn more.

Attic Cleanout Tips

  • First, make sure to take inventory of every item in your attic.
  • Next, make three piles: keep, donate/sell, and trash. Keep in mind that this tip is a general rule of thumb for cleanouts in every room of the house. Be honest with yourself about what you’re really going to need going forward. If you haven’t used something in three years, it should probably be thrown out or given away.
  • Sentimental items are the most difficult kind of item to throw away. Try taking a picture of an item you want to remember, but don’t really need to keep around.
  • Next, hire a junk hauling company. Once you’ve cleaned the attic and everything is in piles, you’ll be left with your donate/sell pile and throw away pile. You obviously don’t want to keep these things around, but the volume of stuff is difficult to move at once. That’s where a company like JDog Junk Removal & Hauling comes in. Contact us today by calling 844-GET-JDOG to schedule a pickup. We firmly believe in finding alternatives to landfills, so we’ll look haul your trash to the landfill and take everything else to be either recycled or donated.
  • Finally, it’s important to come up with an effective organizational plan for the items you’re keeping. Install shelving or buy large tubs (and labels) to categorize your remaining items.