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Why You Should Recycle Old Tires

Keep unwanted tires out of landfills and put them to good use

Can you recycle tires?

Old tires are a difficult item to dispose of. There are a number of reasons why it’s best to recycle old tires instead. It is estimated that our country throws out about 290 million tires every year. This creates a huge strain on our landfills, many of which are already filled beyond capacity. Read on to learn more about why recycling is the better option.

Why You Shouldn’t Trash Old Tires

  • Tires that are left to rot on your property trap rainwater, which attracts rodents, mosquitoes and other pests.
  • Another negative effect of throwing tires in a landfill is that they take up excessive amounts of valuable space.
  • Tires trap methane emissions and create a fire risk. Tire fires are notoriously difficult to extinguish.

Why You Should Recycle Tires

  • Recycled tires can be turned into fuel. This alternative to fossil fuels is popular because it is not a limited resource… plus, it produces more energy than some fuels.
  • Tires are a popular item to recycle because of the wide variety of uses they can offer once they’re given new life. Besides fuel, a few of these new uses can include being turned into hot-melt asphalt pavement, flooring, crumb rubber modifier, playground equipment, and artificial turf.
  • The rims from tires can be recycled, too. Once the rims are removed, they are recycled separately while the tires are shredded. First, the rims and weights are removed from the tire. They are recycled separately. Next, the tires are typically shredded or ground with  a tire shredder. The rims are then sold off as scrap metal for other various uses.

Need Help Hauling Your Unwanted Tires?

The team at JDog Junk Removal & Hauling is here to help! We are equipped to haul as many tires as you need. We pride ourselves on working with speed, integrity, and efficiency. We’ll even take your old tires to a facility that can recycle them. Contact us today by calling 844-GET-JDOG to schedule a pickup for all your unwanted tires.