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Trash Removal: The Most Unwanted Items in a Home

The items you may have to throw out after a cleanout


When you’re clearing out your home or preparing for a move, the chances are high that you’ll want to get rid of a number of your old possessions. There are several ways to dispose of, recycle, repurpose, donate, and give away these old items. Unfortunately, there are a lot of common household items that can’t be tossed out with the trash, are expensive to recycle, or can’t easily be given away. Here’s more about trash removal when it comes to the most commonly tough-to-unload items.


Old televisions are tough to toss because many trash services refuse to pick them up. They are big, bulky, and heavy. Additionally, they are bad for the environment when left to rot in a landfill. Old TVs contain chemicals that leak into the soil and release methane into the atmosphere. They are often tough to sell or donate, too, now that TV technology is improving rapidly and becoming more affordable. TVs can be recycled, but for a price.

Old Mattresses

Old mattresses are another difficult item to get rid of. Many charities and online shoppers refuse used mattresses because of the current bed bug epidemic. Like TVs, mattresses can be recycled, but it comes at a price.


Old carpeting really has no use for anyone. This is especially true when it’s wall-to-wall carpeting that has been stripped and cut up when removed. This leaves you with a bulky mess that your trash company won’t want to deal with.

Old Kitchen & Laundry Appliances

Like TVs, kitchen and laundry appliances pose environmental risks. They are not accepted for curbside pickup by most trash companies. Appliances that still function can be sold or donated, but it’s difficult to transfer them because of their bulk and weight.

Trash Removal Assistance

If you have one or more items on this list, call a trash-hauling company like JDog Junk Removal & Hauling with the trucks and labor force necessary to deal with virtually any job. We have the resources to properly move, recycle, or dispose of your old items. Our team is ready to take on your job with “Respect, Integrity, and Trust.” So don’t try to haul a bulk amount of garbage on your own! Contact us today by calling 844-GET-JDOG to schedule a pickup.