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Mattress Recycling: The Full Story

The story of how—and why—your mattress gets broken down and recycled


Mattresses are big and bulky. This presents a huge problem when it’s time to get a new one. What do you do with your old mattress? Sending an old mattress to a landfill is problematic because of the space it takes up. They can take up to 20 cubic feet of space, not including the boxspring. Many people don’t realize that the materials inside a mattress are recyclable. Unfortunately, it’s still a specialized type of recycling that isn’t as readily available as other household items. Here’s more about mattress recycling.

Mattress Recycling

Mattresses are filled with a combination of metals, wood, and fabric, all of which are traditionally recyclable. Because mattresses are so large and their contents are recyclable, some states are taking action to encourage recycling and to reduce landfill waste. California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island were the first states to pass laws that help fund mattress drop-off points and recycling programs.

  • Metal. Springs typically made of steel, which is one of the most sought-after scrap metals. Therefore, they are shredded or crushed into compact cubes for sale as scrap metal.
  • Wood. The wood frame of the mattress is chipped into mulch or used as a fuel source.
  • Foams. Polyurethane foam is turned into carpet padding or fuel.
  • Textiles. Fabrics are turned into industrial machine filters.

Finding a Recycling Facility

There are places that exist for mattress drop-offs. Go to to search for a place near you. But there’s one (rather large) problem: due to their bulk and size, getting your big, bulky mattress to the drop-off location. This is where junk hauling communities are ideal. They have the trucks and manpower necessary to transport your mattress from point A to point B.

We Can Help

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