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Earth Day Recycling

Celebrate Earth Day by Recycling

Get Rid of Junk Responsibly

Still in the middle of spring cleaning? Let Earth Day be your reminder to recycle what you can. Keep this list in mind while you're cleaning out your home. You could give an old item new life, or at least keep it out of the landfill.

Getting Rid of Hidden Allergens

4 Hidden Allergen Hot Spots

And How to Get Rid of Them

Spring cleaning can also lead to allergy sneezing. Whether you're getting the yard ready for the season or deep cleaning inside, you could be kicking up dust and bringing in pollen. Learn where some of these allergy triggers could be collecting in your home. Then consider if you can clean them or if it's worth getting rid of hidden allergens. 

Repurposing Old Tires

Tired of Your Old Tires?

Tips for Repurposing or Recycling

How did the winter treat your tires? Between heavy salt and deep potholes, the treads and overall condition may be beyond repair. So what do you do? While many old tires are often discarded, there are more sustainable solutions. Here are some innovative ways of repurposing old tires. 

Recycling Old Windows

This is Your Window of Opportunity…

…to Recycle Old Windows

Sometimes making home improvements can leave you with old items that require extra care when disposing. Like windows. Here are a few options for recycling old windows that are less likely to become hazardous or added to a landfill.

Spring Cleaning Outdoors

Spring Cleaning…Outdoors?

3 Tips for Removing Lawn Litter

While some may welcome spring by cleaning the entire house, some of that attention should be focused outside too. With the warming weather, your plants are waking up and your lawn is calling. Here are some ways to welcome the season by spring cleaning outdoors.

Cleanout Services

Clear the Junk Before Spring Cleaning

From One Room to an Entire House

Tis the season for spring cleaning! But before you can tackle the baseboards, you have to be able to access them. This may mean clearing some clutter. Check out how [company] can help with this season's cleanout services.