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Break Free from Your Summer Junk

Decluttering Tips for the Season

School’s out! So, the junk should go too! If you’re about to welcome home a college student, or a box full of grade school projects, learn what should stay and go with these summer decluttering tips.

Summer Decluttering Tips

The end of a school year and beginning of a new season is a lot of transition at once. If you have college kids coming home or school kids bringing home a year’s worth of art projects, it’s also a lot of stuff that can pile up in your home. Learn how to sift through the stuff and keep your space clutter-free this summer.

  1. Make a plan. Decluttering can be an overwhelming experience, especially at a time with a lot already going on. It’s best to strategize a way to start small and work your way through the clutter. You also don’t have to do it alone. Have your kids sort through the stuff they want to keep, toss, or put into storage until school starts again.
  2. Rotate your wardrobe. One of the easiest ways to organize a summer-ready closet is by storing bulky winter garments and making lighter clothing more accessible. Assess each item as you make the switch. If if wasn’t worn last summer, it’s time to let it go. Donate, sell, or recycle items that are in good condition.
  3. Organize hot spots. Entryways, counters, and closets can become dumping grounds, especially if you can shove an item somewhere, close the door, and walk away. Identify these areas in your home and add baskets, trays, or decorative boxes to organize everyday items and keep surfaces and pathways clear.
  4. Digitize. So, about all those art projects you feel guilty throwing away…Paper clutter can easily add up, but it can also easily be scanned in and saved digitally. You can even make a photo book, which is a streamlined way to preserve the memories without the bulk. Also, consider going paperless with all your other important documents. Unsubscribe from what no longer serves you and clear the digital clutter as well.
  5. One-In, One-Out. If you plan on buying new items this summer, reduce the clutter by letting go of an old item. Whether you’re replacing something broken or looking for an upgrade, you can better manage the amount of clothing, books, and gadgets around the house.
  6. Enjoy the great outdoors. Feeling confined by clutter? One of the great things about summer is that you can spread out outdoors. This doesn’t mean add more clutter outside, but you can create a cozy outdoor seating or dining area by using outdoor space.
  7. Yard sale. Gather all those items you’re looking to donate or sell and engage with your community. Whatever you do, if it doesn’t get sold, don’t bring it back inside. Take it straight to a donation center.
  8. Upgrade storage solutions. This is especially helpful if a college student is moving back for the summer. You can keep dorm items stored in bins to make moving back easier. Invest in sturdy storage units and organizers to transform a closet, basement, or garage into a well organized area. Don’t forget to label boxes for easy reference.

If you’ve already adopted organizational practices from spring cleaning, this summer decluttering shouldn’t be as overwhelming. It’s an ongoing process, but once you establish a system that works for you, keeping your space free from junk should be no problem at all.

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