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Garage Sale Tips

From Clearing Out to Cleaning Up

Successful Yard Sale Tips

Whether you’ve already tackled spring cleaning, or you’re looking for more incentive to clear the clutter, how’s some extra money in your pocket sound? As you clean out your home, there may be many items in good condition that you just don’t need or want anymore. But your neighbors might! Use these garage sale tips to help make some money, and save your items from the landfill.

Garage Sale Tips

Organizing a garage sale may seem like one more thing to add to your to-do list. But it could be a worthy cause if you end up making some money from your treasures. You don’t have to go it along. Get your family, friends, and neighbors involved. They all probably have stuff they’d love to get rid of as well. Then it’s more like a party and less of a chore.

  1. Enlist the neighborhood. Make your sale even more tempting for potential customers just driving by. A street full of vendors is a bonus for many garage sale enthusiasts, and you will be able to attract more visitors.
  2. Post some pre-marketing. Use handmade signs, social media, and online yard sale sites to advertise when and where your sale is taking place.
  3. Price accordingly. Try not to think about how much you paid for something. Think about how much it’s worth now. A yard sale isn’t about recouping costs, it’s about making money on things you’re willing to give away.
  4. Consider quality. Not everything is suitable for a second owner. Think about if you would buy an item again. Typically clothes with holes, broken toys, and tech with missing components should be either left out of the sale or offered for free.

Let JDog Junk Removal & Hauling Pick Up What’s Left

Once the sale is over, don’t think you have to keep whatever is left. Call JDog Junk Removal & Hauling to take everything that didn’t sell. We responsibly donate and recycle 60% to 80% of the items we haul so you can feel good knowing that you may not have been able to sell an item, but it’s not going to a landfill. Call us today at 844-GET-JDOG to schedule a pickup.