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Unneeded Area Rug

What You Can Do With It

Unneeded Area Rug

Do you have an area rug that’s no longer needed in the room? It can be tempting to put it out alongside the rest of your trash, but it’s important to minimize waste and make conscious choices that benefit both the environment and others. By exploring other options, you can extend the life of your unneeded area rug without sending it to the landfill. Read on to learn what they are.

Unneeded Area Rug? Here’s What You Can Do With It

  • Move it to another room. Just because a rug doesn’t work in one room doesn’t mean it won’t be perfect for another. Move it to a different area of your home where it complements the decor and adds a touch of warmth. Don’t forget to consider basements, garages, and even outdoor spaces, which can also benefit from an area rug, even if it’s out of style now.
  • Donate it to a good cause. Consider donating your unneeded area rug to local charities, shelters, or community centers. Many organizations welcome gently used rugs to enhance their spaces or provide comfort for those in need. Your donation could brighten someone else’s day and help an organization create a more welcoming environment.
  • Sell it or give it away. If your area rug is still in good condition, consider selling it through online marketplaces or apps dedicated to secondhand goods. What might not work for you could be the perfect fit for someone else’s home. Some communities also have “buy nothing” groups, where items are given away for free.

Leave It to the Pros and call JDog Junk Removal & Hauling.

The Veterans and Military family members know just what to do with your old area rug. If it’s still in good shape, we’ll find the right place to give it a second life, and if it’s not suitable for donation, we’ll bring it to the proper recycling facility. All you have to do is call us! You can expect transparent pricing and on-time, respectful service. Call us today at 844-GET-JDOG to schedule a pickup.