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Old Patio Furniture

Your Options for Removal

Old Patio Furniture: Your Options for Removal

If you’re like most homeowners, you have probably invested in a patio set at some point. Whether it was for entertaining family and friends or simply enjoying the great outdoors, you know that patio furniture is an important part of your home. But what do you do when it’s time to get rid of your old patio furniture? You can’t just throw it out with the trash. Read on to find out your options.

Old Patio Furniture: Your Options for Removal

Donate It

One option is to donate your unwanted items to a worthy cause. Donating your furniture helps others who may not be able to afford new items and keeps valuable resources out of landfills. Some, but not all, organizations accept furniture. Be sure to give them a call first! You might also find a community center or church in your area that will appreciate your gently used set.

Sell It

Selling your items can help offset the cost of buying new pieces while keeping them out of landfills as well. You can list your items on popular online marketplaces or even host a yard sale if you don’t mind handling transactions in person. Just make sure to take good photos and include accurate descriptions so potential buyers know exactly what they’re getting before they purchase.

Recycle Parts

If your patio furniture isn’t in good enough shape to donate or sell, you can recycle parts from it. Many materials used in producing patio furniture—such as metals, plastics, glass, foam cushioning, and fabric—can be recycled instead of thrown away. Contact a local recycling facility or scrapyard near you for information on how to recycle these materials from your old patio furniture.

Choose JDog to Get Rid of the Old Patio Furniture You Don’t Want

At JDog Junk Removal & Hauling, we know getting rid of furniture is no easy task. In fact, some municipalities impose fines for improperly dumping furniture, and your outdoor sets take up valuable space in landfills. The team at JDog Junk Removal & Hauling knows how to get rid of old furniture properly. We’ll even donate certain items, depending on their condition. Schedule a pickup today by calling us at 844-GET-JDOG.