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Ideas for Eco-Friendly Gifts

Get Creative for a Green Holiday

eco-friendly gifts

Sometimes the holiday season feels like nothing but bringing new things into your home and sending more things to fill other people’s homes. Learn some ideas for eco-friendly gifts — and we’re not talking about re-gifting!

Eco-Friendly Gifts

  • A toy swap. Those toys might not be shiny and new to your kids anymore, but they could be someone else’s new favorite plaything. Suggest a toy swap with friends and neighbors instead of wrapping up brand new toys to save everyone some money, storage space, and waste.
  • Cookie mix jars. What’s your plan for all of those canning jars you’ve been storing? They can make a fantastic gift for everyone on your list from neighbors to teachers and more. Simply layer the dry ingredients inside the jar for a delightful display. Then make a decorative tag with the directions for other ingredients to add and how to make the cookies. It’s the sweetest eco-friendly gift you can make!
  • A reupholstered chair. Furniture can be harmful to the environment and should always be recycled instead of thrown away. That fabric chair you don’t want anymore can get a second life with some sprucing up and could be the perfect gift for a close friend. Find the perfect fabric to customize the look.
  • Patchwork quilt. What’s your plan for all of those outgrown clothes? Make a memory-filled gift for a loved one by sewing a patchwork quilt made from old clothes, blankets, and more.

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