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Happy Veterans Day!

Why You Should Hire a Veteran

How You Can Support Veterans

Veterans Day is a special day in the United States, providing an opportunity to honor those who served our country and thank them for their service and sacrifices. It’s an especially honored day at JDog, as we are a company of Veterans and Military family members. To celebrate Veterans Day, we’re going to take a look at why you should hire a Veteran.

Why You Should Hire a Veteran

Leadership experience: Whatever their position in the Military, servicemembers have experience with a variety of leaders who show different styles of leadership. Plus, many have had the opportunity to lead in one capacity or another during their time serving.

Discipline: One of the first skills gained in the Military is discipline. Military members are expected to get up at a certain time, show up for their duty punctually, and oftentimes complete strict workout routines. These all take incredible discipline, which is a valuable trait for an employee to have.

Ingrained Ethos: Respect, Integrity, and Trust are expected in the Military. Veterans often translate these ethos into their new positions in the civilian world by taking great pride in their work and serving customers to the best of their ability.

Commitment to Serving: Whether it is selling goods or offering services, Veterans are experienced at serving for the greater good. While Military members fulfill their duties, they are acting with the benefit of our country in mind. While employed by a business, this can be seen by acting for the benefit of the company.

When You Schedule a Service, You’re Supporting Veterans.

Each JDog Junk Removal & Hauling location is owned by a Veteran or a Veteran’s family member. We live by the Military’s values of Respect, Integrity, and Trust, and we know our owners do, too. We also pride ourselves in employing many Veterans, helping them find stability in civilian life after serving our country. Schedule a junk removal & haul today to support Veterans.