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What You Should Know About Mattress Recycling and Removal

Here’s some info about what goes into getting rid of an old mattress.

Old Mattress? Your Options for Removal

Recycling your used mattress is an important contribution everyone can make to help conserve the environment. Many of our landfills have reached or are nearing capacity. They are not equipped to take on every old, bulky mattress that gets tossed. Mattresses are also comprised of recyclable materials, which means that they shouldn’t end up in a landfill anyway. So, what should you do when you’re done with an old mattress in your home? Here are a few things that everyone should know about mattress recycling and removal.

  • 90% of the average mattress is made up of recyclable parts. The foam, cotton, and felt used in mattress padding is turned into carpet padding. Steel from metal springs and frames is melted and used as scrap metal. Wood is sent to a chipper to be turned into landscaping mulch.
  • When removing an old mattress, you have quite a few options. You can try to sell it online, assuming it’s still in usable condition and is not stained. Or, ask a non-profit organization if they can use it. Another option is to ask the company delivering your new mattress if they’ll take your old one to be recycled. Finally, you can look for a recycling facility near you and take your mattress there yourself. You’ll be charged a small fee and will have to figure out how to move and transport the mattress yourself.

Mattress Recycling and Removal

Mattresses are large and cumbersome to move on your own. This is why many people call on the services of a junk hauling company like JDog Junk Removal & Hauling. If your mattress is in good enough condition, we will take it to a recycling facility instead of a landfill. The JDog Junk Removal & Hauling team respects the planet, so we strive to maintain environmentally responsible disposal practices whenever possible. Contact us today by calling 844-GET-JDOG to schedule a mattress pickup!