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E-Waste Disposal: How it Effects the Environment

Why recycling is the most eco-friendly option


The effects of improper e-waste disposal are much more far-reaching than many of us realize. Disposing of old electronics into landfills instead of recycling is doing irreparable damage to the environment. Here’s more about e-waste disposal.

What is Electronic Recycling?

Electronic Recycling (also known as e-cycling) is the reuse and repurposing of unwanted or outdated electronic devices and their components.

Improper E-Waste Disposal: Environmental Challenges

Electronic devices contain contaminants, which include heavy metals like lead, barium, mercury, cadmium, lithium, to name a few. When electronics are dumped into a landfill, they leach these contaminants into the soil. Once in the soil, these toxic chemicals then infiltrate the groundwater supply. This puts the water we drink, cook, and bathe in at risk. A polluted water supply puts wildlife at risk, as well. It also effects our food supply. When the soil is contaminated with pollutants, the food grown in it is affected, as well.

Many people see burning their trash as a viable alternative to landfills, but it actually creates an environmental hazard all its own. When e-waste is burned, it releases the toxic chemicals it contains into the atmosphere. This contributes to the greenhouse effect and creates unhealthy breathing conditions. A few health risks involved include asthma and even certain forms of cancer.

We Can Help with E-Waste

The technology boom we’re currently experiencing has resulted in a lot of exciting new products. Unfortunately, this means that there’s also a huge spike in consumer waste. Old devices (whether functional or not) are being cast aside, often thrown out with regular household trash. As a result, our landfills are filling up fast. E-waste is becoming more and more of an environmental hazard each year. JDog Junk Removal & Hauling works with facilities that recycle your old, unwanted devices. Contact us to haul away your e-waste today.