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Attic Cleanouts: Removing Sentimental Clutter

How to let go of items close to your heart


We all have old items with personal, sentimental value lying around our attics. While it’s important to hold onto memories, these items tend to pile up, taking up space in your attic that could be used more efficiently. Although it’s not easy, there are ways to break free of this cycle. Here are a few ways to help you get through the process of tossing sentimental items during attic cleanouts:

Take a Pic

Here’s a popular trick: make space by photographing special items. This way, the only clutter is in the hard drive of your phone, camera, or tablet. Then either toss or donate the item and move on.

Work in Chunks

Tackle one area at a time so the process of chucking items with special memories attached is less draining. This gives you time to process and mentally prepare for the next batch.

Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

Assess each item individually. If you treasure an item for its smell or feel, it’s important to wonder why you’ve held onto it, if you’ll ever use it again, and if it’ll be genuinely missed once you’ve gotten rid of it.

Make Donations

Giving away or donating items can help assuage the guilt of throwing away a sentimental item. If you suspect that someone else might enjoy an item, take joy in the fact that you’re helping make their day. Certain items that you might not consider valuable can be useful to charity groups, needy homes, and other worthy causes.

Attic Cleanouts are our Specialty

Once you’ve collected a pile of items you want to donate or throw away, you may need some help hauling it away. Contact JDog Junk Removal & Hauling and we’ll come remove the old items you’ve chosen to get rid of. Call 844-GET-JDOG today to schedule a pickup forĀ attic cleanouts and other junk removal projects.