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7 Reasons Why We Clutter

And What to do About it

Cut the Clutter This Year: A Resolution

The beginning of the year is one time when we’re faced with just how much stuff we have. Whether you’re cleaning up from the holidays or finding a place for new items, it’s the perfect time to assess what’s currently in your closets, cupboards, and storage containers. Here are some common reasons why we clutter and some suggestions about what to do about it.

7 Reasons Why We Clutter

There are many reasons why stuff starts to pile up. Consider these common problems and think about what you may be doing to let the clutter collect.

  1. Not sure what’s classified as clutter. You may be keeping something you think is valuable that’s really not. That “good box” that’s empty but you think you’ll use again? If it’s been a year and still not used, it’s clutter.
  2. Not sure how long to keep something. From a financial document to a sentimental gift, you may be hanging on to something that no longer serves you.
  3. There’s no proper place to store it. Sometimes all clutter needs is a little organization.
  4. Buy things we don’t need. Maybe it was on sale. Maybe you think you’ll need it eventually. Chances are it will end up in a pile somewhere.
  5. Hobbies change. While the new art project or sport may have seemed like a good idea at the time, sometimes the purchased equipment ends up collecting dust in a corner.
  6. Don’t take inventory of what we have. Especially if it’s in storage.
  7. The piles become overwhelming and we put off organizing while still adding to the pile.

Even if your reason for clutter is not listed here, there are ways to help evaluate your situation and clear the clutter.

What to Do About Clutter

Ask yourself the following questions when thinking about all the stuff in your home. Then consider the corresponding suggestions for dealing with an item.

  1. Can I use it right now? Yes? Keep it. No? Consider tossing, donating, or not buying it in the first place.
  2. Is it useful but you know you’re not going to use it? Yes, donate it.
  3. Does it have sentimental value? Yes? Keep it or consider passing it down. No? Toss
  4. Can it be stored or organized? Yes? Keep it in an appropriate container, but reconsider storage after a year. No? Consider if you really need it.
  5. Is it broken? Yes? Fix it or toss it.

Make it a routine to go through the items around your home and storage container and see what should stay or go. Take these questions to help you assess the stuff. When you have piles of clutter sorted in your home that you’re ready to get rid of, contact JDog Junk Removal & Hauling. We’ll even go the extra mile and donate what we can to save you an extra trip.