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Can You Recycle Scrap Metal?

How to Get Rid of Scrap Metal

Can You Recycle Scrap Metal?

When you think of recycling items you find around your house, your first thoughts probably go to cardboard and plastic. Does that mean everything else in your home is destined for the landfill? While you might have to go out of your way to recycle some items, there are many more things around your home that can be taken to a special facility and given new life. Can you recycle scrap metal like copper plumbing pipes, wires, kitchen sinks, and doorknobs? Read on to find out.

Can You Recycle Scrap Metal?

Yes, in fact, there are many benefits of recycling scrap metal!

  • Less wasted landfill space. Landfills are a limited resource, and there is only so much space available. Recycling your scrap metal means less metal will end up taking up room that should be reserved exclusively for non-recyclable items. Plus, did you know scrap metal can release methane? When left to waste away in a landfill, it can contribute to air and groundwater pollution.
  • Helps maintain natural resources. Recycling scrap metal preserves natural resources that aren’t renewable. Metals like aluminum cans, tin cans, copper wiring and pipes, steel products, and more can all be recycled and transformed into new materials.
  • Energy-efficient. Making new metal from virgin mineral ore uses much more energy than recycling scrap metal. It even uses less water than mining for ore. Plus, the process of producing the new metal releases more greenhouse gas emissions than the recycling process does.
  • Prevents pollution caused by mining virgin ores. The chemicals used in the mining process contaminate the air quality, soil, and groundwater. Mining also involves the destruction of open land and ruins the habitat of local wildlife. Recycling reduces the need to mine for ore.
  • More jobs. It’s been shown that recycling scrap metals create more jobs than incinerating waste.

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You know the best thing for the environment is to recycle. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to recycle items like scrap metal as it should be. That’s why we’re here! Simply tell us what junk you want to be removed from your house, and we’ll take it to the proper recycling facility. Call us today at 844-GET-JDOG, and we’ll handle the rest.