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Decluttering Your Basement

Why It’s Important

Decluttering Your Basement

When it comes to your basement, the way you use and treat this space can have a big effect on how much time is spent in there. A clean living area with storage for all of our things will give us more motivation than one where clutter takes over—even if that’s what we’re using these rooms as right now! Learn why decluttering your basement is important.

Decluttering Your Basement: Why It’s Important

  • Help prevent pest infestations. Pests are one of the many problems that can come with clutter. Clutter attracts pests like spiders and mice that create their home in quiet areas of your house, making basements perfect hiding spots! While you don’t want spiders or rodents, there’s another destructive pest to beware of: silverfish. Silverfish feed off starchy products like books and paperwork. This means they’ll start feeding on some of the clutter you have taking up space in your basement.
  • Protect your investments—memories and monetary. Tossing out the old and unused will help you better identify those precious items that are worth holding onto forever. Get a waterproof storage container for these treasured keepsakes, then look into donating or recycling anything you don’t need anymore that’s taking up space in your home.
  • Give items a second life. It’s a win-win when you donate or sell your old, unwanted items. You’re either putting extra cash in your pocket or helping out those that need it more than you or the landfill!
  • Find more square footage in your home. Are things starting to feel cramped? You may not be making the most of your space in your basement if it’s filled with clutter. Even if you haven’t finished decorating or building out that basement yet, between a rug and good lighting, it can still feel like a home away from any other room.

We’re Here to Help.

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling can help with your basement cleanout by removing your unwanted items and disposing of them responsibly. We’ll also help by recycling or donating old items whenever possible. Call us today at 844-GET-JDOG to schedule a pickup after your basement cleanout.