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Bulk Trash Removal: Your Options

Five Ways to Get Rid of the Junk

bulk trash removal

When you’ve just demoed your kitchen cabinets, cleared out the entire attic, and finally bagged the yard waste, what do you do with the trash? You can’t leave it on the curb for your waste management crew at one time, and you can’t fit it in the back of your trunk to take it to a dump. Read on to learn what your options are for bulk trash removal.

Bulk Trash Removal Options

Borrow or rent a truck and drive to the dump.

This could involve several trips and would require you to do the hard labor. You’ll also be responsible for paying rental fees, dumping fees, and fuel costs.

Rent a dumpster.

These large, unsightly commercial dumpsters can do damage to your lawn and driveway. They allow you to work at your own convenience, but can be a costly option. Plus, much like the truck rental, you’re stuck doing all of the heavy lifting.

Leave out a little every trash day.

This option is obviously not ideal for anyone. It can create an eyesore for your neighbors while making your property vulnerable to pest infestation, but it is the most cost-friendly option.

Look for local help.

Try calling your waste management company and ask if they accept bulk items and volumes of trash on designated days or periodically throughout the year. You might also be able to reach out to your neighborhood to see if you can pay someone to take the trash. Also, you might find your junk is another person’s treasure! Even if something, like a lawn mower, isn’t in working condition, someone might be able to take it off your hands for free.

Call JDog Junk Removal & Hauling for Bulk Trash Removal.

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