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Attic Cleanup Tips: What to Never Store in an Attic

Learn why certain things should never be stored in your attic


Attics often become a catch-all spot for memories, seasonal decor, and other random items that don’t seem to belong anywhere else in the house. These items pile up until there’s no rhyme or reason to where anything is kept. Restore a little order to your space by doing an attic cleanout and reorganizing the items you need to keep. There are some items, however, that should never be kept in an attic. Read on to learn the items you should never store in an attic.

Important Documents and Photos

Because the climate conditions are more extreme than other parts of the house, use caution when storing anything you need to save. Photographs, film, loose papers, books, and other documents should not be stored in an attic. The same goes for artwork, newspaper clippings, and other items vulnerable to stains, blistering, mold, mildew, and melting.

Wood Items

Wood furniture and other items are vulnerable to moisture damage from extreme humidity. Excess moisture can warp the shape of the wood and cause mildew to destroy it.


This one seems like a no-brainer, but it is actually a common mistake. Even non-perishable food items are risky to store in an attic, because they attract rodents and other pests looking for a meal. If you must store food in your attic, take every precaution. Use airtight plastic containers and move the food downstairs during periods of extreme heat.


Even when you think you’ve stored them properly, certain fabrics are susceptible to pests like silverfish, moths, and mice.


Another no-brainer: candles melt. Extreme temperatures put your candles at risk and make a mess in the event that they melt.

Call Us After Your Attic Cleanout

Once you’ve made the big purge, you’ll need a little help hauling away the items you no longer want. Contact the Veterans and like-minded individuals at JDog Junk Removal & Hauling at 844-GET-JDOG to schedule a pickup for your old attic items.