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Large-Scale Trash Hauling and Why It’s Best to Hire a Pro

Take the stress out of taking out the trash

Renting a Dumpster: What You Need to Know

Trash removal is weekly curb-side service you pay for to remove your household garbage. Junk removal is a one-time service that people use to have the items hauled away that your trash company refuses to accept (usually including big, bulky, heavy items). But what happens when you’ve accumulated so much household trash that your trash company refuses it? Surprisingly, that’s where a junk hauling company turns out to be your best resource. You’re going to have to explore other options for ridding your home of large volumes of trash. Here’s more about trash hauling and why certain jobs should be performed by experts.


Here are a few situations wherein a junk-removal company can help with large amounts of trash:

  • Moving
  • Remodeling
  • Construction projects and debris removal
  • Major cleanouts (garage, basement, attic, etc.)

Save Time

If you’re removing a large amount of trash yourself, it’s sure to be a long, time-consuming process, especially if you don’t own a truck to take everything in one trip. If you own a sedan or smaller vehicle, you’ll either have to take several trips to a landfill or rent a truck to take it yourself. This also means you’re left to do all the heavy lifting yourself.

Save Money

Avoid landfill charges, expensive dumpster and truck rentals, and/or fees for illegal dumping by calling a professional junk hauling company. JDog Junk Removal & Hauling knows how to properly (and legally) dispose of your large-scale trash by going through the appropriate channels and obtaining necessary permissions.

Trash Hauling Services

Let the team at 844-GET-JDOG help by hauling your large amounts of trash for you. We can make clutter a problem of the past in one easy trip. In addition, we are often able to salvage old items by donating, refurbishing, or recycling them instead of taking them to a landfill. So contact us today at 844-GET-JDOG to schedule a pickup for your large-scale trash collection.