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Recycling Appliances: How Donations Help the Planet

Avoid letting your old appliances end up in landfills


When you upgrade your old appliances, it is often tempting to take them to the curb for trash pickup. Instead of letting your old items pile up in a landfill, there are other options for disposal. Many typical large appliances can be recycled or donated. Here are the basics of donating or recycling appliances.

Donating Appliances

Charities prefer to receive items that are in working condition. Ideally, you should donate newer appliances which are still functioning but are being replaced by newer models. Older refrigerators and freezers are not ideal because they are less energy efficient. Always check with the charity you intend to donate to before hauling the appliance over.

Recycling Appliances

Many people take their unwanted appliances to the curb for the garbage collectors. Then they’re tossed into landfills. Once in landfills, they rust and expel harmful chemical waste into the soil and groundwater. Because appliances are not biodegradable, they sit and take up space. Large appliances are all recyclable, so research your local laws regarding recycling appliances.

Appliances that no longer work can be used for scrap metal. To do this, harmful elements are removed from the appliance and the body or case is re-used. As a result,  construction companies can use these appliances and re-purpose them for various uses. Here are some examples of major appliances that should be recycled or used for scrap metal:

  • washing machines and dryers
  • hot water heaters
  • microwave ovens
  • dehumidifiers and humidifiers
  • stoves/ovens
  • refrigerators and freezers
  • air conditioners
  • furnaces
  • toaster ovens

We Want to Help with the Heavy Lifting

When you’re recycling, donating, or disposing of your old appliance, JDog Junk Removal & Hauling is available to help take it away. Our team is here to haul away items big and small at your convenience. Give us a call today at 844-GET-JDOG to make an appointment.