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4 Steps to Cleaning Out Your Hall Closet

And What to do When You’re Done

Whether you have a dedicated mud room or a small coat closet in the hallway, this is the time of year it may be packed with coats, boots, and other accessories. Reserve some time between snow storms for cleaning out your hall closet to reduce clutter and easily find those hand-warmers when you need them.

Removing & Sorting Closet Items

One of the most efficient ways to clean out any closet is to first remove everything that’s in there. If this seems like an overwhelming task, it means the area definitely needs attention. But don’t worry, not everything is going back in. While you’re removing any clothing, shoes, and accessories, put them in piles by item. Once everything is out, it’s time to resort into the following four categories:

  1. Keep. These are the items you’re currently wearing this season.
  2. Store. Any item that you may not be wearing now, but you’ll need in another season. Pack it away in plastic storage containers or baskets.
  3. Sell. High quality items you no longer wear but are in still excellent shape. Make sure these items are clean and neatly folded before taking pictures for selling online or taking to a consignment shop.
  4. Donate. Gently used items that may be out of style but are still in good shape. These items should also be cleaned before giving away.

To help you sort, try on the item to see if it still fits. If it doesn’t you can at least eliminate it from the KEEP pile. Consider if you’ve used the item within a year. If you haven’t, getting rid of it is probably a safe idea.

Once all of your items are sorted, you can start putting what you’ll keep back in the closet. If you don’t have shelves or a closet organizer already, consider adding some storage baskets to the space to keep accessories contained. With all the extra space, you may even have room to store a seasonal bin above or below your hanging coats.

Done Cleaning Out Your Hall Closet?

Now that you have a well organized closet, let JDog Junk Removal & Hauling help you haul away what didn’t make the cut. From broken items that can’t be salvaged to your give-away box, we can save you the trip to the dumpster and donation facility. If we can’t donate it, we’ll try to find a way to dispose of it responsibly. Call 844-GET-JDOG to schedule a pickup and spend the rest of the season with a clutter-free closet space.