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Got a Grill to Get Rid of?

How to Recycle the Parts

Outdoor gas grill

While the summer is known as prime grilling season, some will fire up the BBQ all year long. However, now that it’s getting colder, you may be closing up the outdoor kitchen and evaluating the equipment’s condition. If you don’t think your charcoal or gas grill will see another season, it may be time to upgrade. Before you wheel it out to the curb, consider recycling options for getting rid of your grill.

Recyclable Parts of Your Grill

It may be easier to dump your used grill at the curb and hope it gets picked up by scrappers or waste management. However, there are certain parts of your grill that are recyclable. There are also components that can not be disposed of the traditional way.

  • Body. Most grills are made from heat-resistant metals such as stainless steel and aluminum. These raw materials can be scrapped and sold to companies that will recycle it for a new metal product.
  • Lid. A majority of the lid will match the body material, but the handles may be plastic. These parts can only be recycled if marked with the appropriate logo.
  • Shelves. Some grill designs provide side shelves that can be made from plastic, metal, or wood. They may have to be removed depending on whether or not the material is recyclable.
  • Hoses, knobs, and valves. If you have a propane grill with a hose that connects to the tank, this cannot be recycled. Gas valves are typically made of brass and aluminum and can be recycled. Knobs made of plastic should be recyclable, but if they’re metal-plated they go with the standard trash.
  • Electronics. Wires that control certain grill features and the batteries that power them require special disposal. Your local municipality will have guidelines and recommendations for where to drop these items off or have them picked up.
  • Wheels. Plastic wheels are recyclable but casters are not.
  • Gas tank. Many of these tanks are reusable and there are dealers who run exchange programs. Check with the provider where you purchased the tank for details.

Easily Getting Rid of Your Grill

If you’d rather skip all the work of stripping your grill for parts, there is an easier recycling solution. Contact JDog Junk Removal & Hauling to haul your grill away. Not only do we specialize in large items and scrap metal, but we also comply with the protocols for properly disposing electronics and propane cylinders. Call us at 844-GET-JDOG for a free estimate and transparent pricing, including any possible surcharge for dealing with hazardous materials.