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Renting a Dumpster

What You Need to Know First

Renting a Dumpster: What You Need to Know

Do you have a large amount of junk you need to get out of the house? Whether you are DIYing a renovation or have too much to set on the curb, you might consider renting a dumpster instead of calling in professionals to take care of it for you. Before renting a dumpster for disposing of items in your house, here’s what you need to know.

What You Need to Know About Renting a Dumpster

  • Size: Determine the appropriate dumpster size based on the amount of stuff you plan to dispose of. Common sizes range from 10 to 40 cubic yards.
  • Permits: Check if your local municipality requires permits for placing a dumpster on your property or the street. Obtain any necessary permits in advance.
  • Rental period: Decide how long you’ll need the dumpster. Rental periods typically range from a few days to a week. Extra charges may apply for longer durations.
  • Types of waste: Be aware of any restrictions on the types of materials you can dispose of in the dumpster. Hazardous or prohibited items may not be allowed.
  • Weight limits: Understand the weight limitations for the dumpster. Exceeding the weight limit can result in additional charges or the need to rent a larger container.
  • Placement location: Determine a suitable location for the dumpster, ensuring it’s easily accessible for loading and doesn’t obstruct any pathways or utilities.
  • Loading guidelines: When filling the dumpster, distribute the weight evenly and avoid overfilling. Follow any guidelines provided by the rental company to prevent damage or safety hazards.
  • Costs: Inquire about the rental fees, including any additional charges such as delivery, pickup, or overweight fees. Compare prices from different companies to get the best deal.

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