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The Importance of Regular Attic Cleanouts

Why keeping a clean attic is a great idea

Attics are notorious catch-all spots for clutter to collect. A junk-filled attic presents a host of problems for any house. The best way to combat clutter is to clean your attic on a regular basis. Read on to learn why attic cleanouts are important for every homeowner.

Protect Your Sentimental Belongings

We all have boxes lying around. Make sure your precious memories aren’t destroyed by sorting through your belongings. Then, condense the valuable items in weatherproof containers to prevent them from being damaged. This also clears more room for other items you need to store in the attic.

Enable Thorough Inspections

The less clutter you have, the easier it is to inspect every nook and cranny for issues. Look for holes in the sealant, insulation, excess moisture, and other adverse conditions. Without boxes and other belongings in the way, you can make the necessary repairs to prevent further damage to your home.


Having a clean attic is also an important part of home safety. The air must be able to properly circulate to prevent problems with mold, cobwebs, and dust. The cleaner the attic, the less likely you are to experience ventilation issues because of the rubbish blocking any vents or windows.

Critter Prevention

When animals make their home in your house, their presence causes a number of unsanitary (and potentially hazardous) conditions.  Their waste leaves stains and odors that linger long after they’ve been exterminated. Pests like mice, rats, raccoons, bats, and squirrels are also known to carry parasites and disease. They are also notorious for the damage they cause to homes by nibbling on wiring (which can cause electrical fires), insulation, and your personal items.

Attic Cleanouts: Call Us

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